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As a chiropractor, our team can provide you with professional non-invasive treatment to relieve pain, treat muscle strain, correct alignment issues in the spine and more. We focus on treating the source of the pain instead of merely relieving symptoms. A chiropractor is a medical professional with specific training to treat injuries or issues relating to the spine.

Chiropractic care is available at Plainfield Chiropractic Clinic in Plainfield and the surrounding area. We can use back pain to help treat conditions such as arthritis and relieve symptoms. With various forms of manual adjustments and other treatment methods, we can help you find the relief you need.

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Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractors help patients struggling with tight muscles, joint degeneration, immune system function, athletic performance and other issues. The treatments help to reduce pain and boost overall health without necessarily involving medication. Sometimes, though, different approaches such as medication or surgery are part of the picture.

However, surgery should only be a last resort when non-surgical methods are ineffective. The number of treatments it can take for the patient to begin experiencing relief will vary on a case by case basis. We can help patients experience the relief they need to continue living life to the fullest. The benefits of chiropractic treatment include:

  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Less susceptibility to illnesses and injuries
  • Faster recovery times
  • More joint mobility

A person with severe lower back pain can see a chiropractor to find various methods that will provide lasting relief. As a chiropractor, Dr. Chris Smith, DC will help customize the treatment for the needs of each patient.

Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care

While we can treat pain related to the back, spine, shoulders and more, we can help prevent the pain from causing other health issues. Chronic pain that remains untreated will only get worse. Since the spine is the superhighway of the body that connects much of it, damage to the spine will risk other problems. Following a car or work accident, it is important to seek a chiropractic examination to ensure there is no damage.

We can examine the patient for any signs of sprains, tears or dislocated discs that will cause more pain down the line. If the patient has to take painkillers to get through the day, then they need to seek professional treatment. We can also help athletes continue to play sports while keeping tabs on joints and past injuries.

The Chiropractic Treatment Process

Chiropractors are trained professionals who use their hands or, sometimes, a small instrument to apply pressure to spinal joints. The application of manual force is known as spinal manipulation. During a patient’s first visit, we will review the patient's medical history, current condition, insurance and any other pertinent factors.

We will then conduct an examination to determine the source of the patient's pain. This examination can include testing the patient's range of motion, muscle tone, reflexes, blood pressure, pulse and more. We may also need to conduct an X-ray or MRI to get a more detailed view of the injury.

We will then diagnose the patient and customize a treatment plan. Depending on the diagnosis, we may recommend additional techniques such as massage or nutritional education. The treatment usually has short-term and long-term goals. Reducing pain is a common short-term goal, while a long-term goal could be to resume certain activities of daily living.

Follow-Up Care

It is usual for patients to feel tired or even mildly sore after a chiropractic session. Doing a gym workout, massage or intense work meeting after is usually not advisable. Scheduling the chiropractic appointment separate from these activities can help to ease the strain. In many cases, the patient will need to refrain from specific physical activity during the treatment process.

After the first session, a second visit should occur within a day or two. This schedule helps build momentum and allows us to check how the patient’s body is responding. If all goes well, issues such as headaches or lower back pain will continue to decrease or even go away after six to 10 visits. With continued care, we can help the patient maintain the lifestyle they need for relief.

Continuing the treatment at home, our chiropractor may recommend the patient continues exercises or stretches at home to help the area heal. The patient will need to be mindful of any physical activities in the future that may harm the area or re-injure them again.

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