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When pain in the feet becomes excruciating enough that even standing for short periods causes discomfort, it is time to seek professional treatment. Our chiropractor, Dr. Chris Smith, DC, can help relieve this pain through the use of orthotics treatment. Orthotics are external devices that help properly align different parts of the body to help relieve pain and pressure.

Orthotics treatment is available at Plainfield Chiropractic Clinic in Plainfield and the surrounding area. While pain medication can provide temporary relief, our team can help to find a lasting solution through chiropractic treatment and lifestyle changes. We can help relieve pain in feet, ankle or legs, along with the pain that limits mobility.

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Orthotics Treatment

While feet carry someone wherever they need to go, most people do not take proper care of their feet regularly. Due to this, what may start as a minor ache gradually becomes more painful until it is unbearable. With orthotics, our team can ensure the patient receives the customized treatment they need. Orthotics are external devices that help to align different parts of the body properly.

Even though pain medication provides temporary relief, it will not provide the solution patients need. While it is possible to treat pain and alignment issues with the spine, legs and arms, orthotics is a more common treatment for problems with the feet. Benefits of orthotics to treat the feet include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Correcting improper walking gait
  • Providing additional support
  • Relieving pressure
  • Enhance the mechanics of the feet and movement

By correcting an improper walking gait, we can help patients to find relief and continue functioning at their fullest each day. Many injuries or fractures in the feet need extra support to heal correctly. We can provide that support with our orthotics treatment. This treatment can also help to relieve pressure and encourage proper positioning.

Using orthotics helps guide and control the movement and positioning of the foot or other body parts. Additionally, those born with foot and ankle deformities may also benefit from using orthotics to correct these problems. As a chiropractor, Dr. Chris Smith, DC can devise a treatment plan that involves the patient wearing a device over a period of weeks or months.

Why Orthotics Are Necessary

The primary reason patients seek orthotics treatment is because of foot problems. Orthotics can be helpful to those who have genetic foot deformities, foot injuries or conditions related to poor posture or an improper walking gait. People with naturally flat feet or high arches may sometimes have trouble with foot pain.

Fortunately, orthotics may help correct the position of the foot to reduce pressure. Plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition, may also benefit from custom-made orthotics worn in the shoes or around the foot. Additionally, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can use orthotics to help get some relief from the foot pain associated with these conditions.

Other types of orthotic devices for the spine, arms or legs may also help with alignment corrections, such as with scoliosis, recovery from ACL surgery or rehabilitation from other treatments.

The Treatment Process

We will help customize the orthotic device to meet the needs of the patient. While there are store-bought orthotic devices available, it is crucial to purchase one with a professional recommendation. After an appointment with Dr. Chris Smith, DC, we can help the patient determine the most effective option.

Our chiropractor can assess the extent of the damage and recommend a viable option to promote healing. Along with orthotics, we may also recommend various lifestyle changes to help further the recovery process. These changes can include selecting different forms of footwear, completing specific exercises at home, dietary changes and the amount of time one spends on their feet.

There are many different ways orthotics can be sculpted to fit a body's dimensions. Some practitioners use scanning devices to capture the exact size and shape of your foot, ankle or leg. Another way to make orthotics is through an imprint, which involves the provider casting your foot in plaster or foam to create a 3D mold. The manufacturer then takes the patient's dimensions and creates the individual device to fit.

We will help build the treatment plan to most effectively meet the individual needs of each patient.

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